We're a Small Marketing Firm with Big Ideas

Level 6 Marketing, LLC is a full-service marketing solutions firm headquartered in Clearwater, Florida. With a satellite office in Cleveland, Ohio, we’re continuing to grow our presence nationwide. Founded in 2005 by Ben Wieder, the firm has seen consistent growth every year.  Today, our team includes over fifteen of the best marketing and educational minds in the industry.  Focusing on brand performance , we specialize in the specialized. This means most projects are unique in nature, and tend to have a direct impact on ROI.

How We Are Different

At Level 6 we pride ourselves on being client-focused in everything we do. Here are a few examples of how we are different from a typical "ad agency":

Typical "Ad Agencies" Level 6 Marketing
Tend to push traditional advertising strategies regardless of intended goals Primary focus on “holistic” marketing, paying attention to all customer touch points
Staffed by agency veterans with little experience in big business Owned and managed by former executives that have been on the frontline of major corporations
Pricing does not include extras like travel, postage, and other expenses Pricing always includes expenses, meaning clients have more control over their budget
Tactics that require extensive technological knowledge are often overlooked due to lack of internal capability Technological expertise is a huge advantage with experts in animation, game design, and database programming

Where Did the Name Come From?

The first marketing lesson that most business students learn is the 'four P's of marketing'. Simply put, the theory states that successful companies must address four aspects of their business: The product or service they sell, the price they charge, the place (or distribution network) they leverage, and the promotion techniques to help sell their product or service.

We maintain that successful companies must focus on the "six P's" of marketing. These include the four suggested by academia plus people and planning. People means many things, it's the people that sell a product, it's the people that buy a product and then tell their friends about it, it's the people in the media that promote your business...it's about people and it's about relationships. And with few exceptions, it usually takes strong marketing plans to build a strong company. Proper strategic planning, while often overlooked, can take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Level 6 is a place where all of your initiatives, all six P's, are working together in harmony, delivering the ultimate in performance. It's like holistic health for your company. Let us take you there.